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  Billions Covered by SCA

Hello Player, And Welcome to TroppoLotto! One of the few authentic websites on the internet that can make you a millionaire overnight!

We've created one of the most reputable free lotto sweepstakes sites on the internet today by distributing cash for people all over the United States. Our lotto sweepstakes has been here for quite some time and has awarded tons of people in our country. The process is really simple, you sign up, provide some basic information, and we'll perform daily draws and award a winner if the numbers match. Anyone could win a prize. The Grand Prize is the one you should aim for. If you meet the requirements, you will be the winner of a whopping one million dollars! So, when we're saying that we can make you a millionaire overnight, you bet we can do just that.

How to Win?

So, let's get into how you can sign up for the competition that can change your entire life. Basically, you have to sign up and provide some information that allows us to contact you if you're a winner. A player must select 7 numbers to enter the sweepstakes. Once you enter, TroppoLotto will be selecting seven winning numbers from 1-50. These numbers will determine the winning prizes. If you can get all seven of your numbers correct, you will be the winner of the 1 Million Dollar cash prize. Don't worry, if you can't seem to secure all seven numbers, there are prizes for getting five or six numbers correct too.

Every day of the week we'll be drawing seven winning numbers. There will be draws every day except certain legal holidays written on our website. The random numbers will be selected at 2:00 PM PDT. The winning users will be selected by an independent auditor, and we have no influence whatsoever on their decisions.

After every draw, TroppoLotto will contact the people participating in the draw via email in a period of over 14 days. There are hundreds of thousands of people to notify, so don't be concerned if your email is delayed. We make sure everyone is notified within two weeks of the draw. If you won a cash prize of over a grand, you'll be notified via the US mail to your home address. If you did indeed win, you have a limite time to claim your prize, otherwise you may never get it! Please make sure your current address and information is accurate so there are no delays if you win.

Why Play Our Lotto sweepstakes?

We've distributed prizes and winnings to thousands of people just like you. We're backed up by the SCA which is a proof that we're a legit company distributing money to people that sign up. We've conducted thousands draws over almost 20 years and we've had thousands of winners. While we don't find too many people that bag the million dollar prize, who knows, you could be the person that does it today.

Completely Free Sign Up

Another benefit of playing with us is that we're completely free. There are other sweepstakes on the internet that offer greater odds to people that sign up for "Plus" or "Premium" packages. We don’t do that. Our company is strives to create an even level playing field where there is no factor that can increase someone's chances of winning. And, to achieve this goal, we don't charge absolutely anything to register to our website and play the game. You won't be spending a dollar, but you have a chance of walking away with one million of it.

Who Are the Lucky Winners?

Wondering who are the people that win from our service? We had the chance to talk to a few of our lucky winners that are now handing the metaphorical pamphlet of our business to everyone they meet. To take a look at what a few of our customers had to say about us, visit our site to read their own testimonials.

If you read some of the reviews, you'll see that most of these people didn't come from money. They were people like you that were looking to make some extra buck on the side. It doesn’t matter whether you're in debt, buried in student loans or trying to snap out of your small homes and earn six figures. TroppoLotto is your key to achieving the life of your dreams. We've been putting smiles to faces and enhancing the life style of people for years now. Hopefully, we can continue to do the same for decades to come.

Contact Us

Is there any part of our service that you're still a bit fuzzy about? Don't worry, feel free to contact our customer support, and we'll be glad to reply to any queries. You can email us here. We try our best to reply as soon as possible, but due to high amount of queries, our response might take up to 48 hours. Or if you don't want to contact via email, you can drop us a mailed letter on our address given below.

Sign Up today at TroppoLotto, where we're crowning millionaires every day. Are you feeling lucky tonight? Pick your seven numbers and find out...