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Congratulations Winners!

TroppoLotto winner JudithF
Judith F.
"I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to TroppoLotto and its advertisers who make it so convenient to peruse their ads.  It has always been my dream to return to San Francisco where I was born; now with my winnings you have made it possible to fulfill that dream.  Not many people have the opportunity to realize their dreams, because of your generosity I am truly blessed.  I play your lotto everyday and my winning numbers are the birthdays of my family members.  Perhaps you too have a dream."

Peter H.
"Thank you for the congratulations on my win.  I have been playing TroppoLotto for a year and play everyday.  It is the first lotto site I visit each day and play three sets of numbers that I select.  What a pleasant surprise to find that I matched 6 of 7 numbers with one of my handpicked set of numbers!  I am a sports fan and need a new pair of binoculars, so some of the winnings will go toward purchasing a new pair.  Thanks again, and you and Trancos can count on my continued support of your site.  Thanks for a great site!!!"

Cathy D.
"I was so surprised, I kept thinking there was some kind of mistake.  When I get my money I guess I will carry it around a couple of days and just count it.  After that I will put it in the bank.  For everyone that has doubted this at "The MustardSeed Cafe", HERE I AM!!!  GO PLAY!!!  For those of you that do not know me I actually buy from some of those banner ads that I click on and have been very satisfied.  WOW!!"

John H.
"I am just amazed! I'd be so lucky.  I found TroppoLotto while surfing the web and come back to play pretty regularly.  I will sure be telling all of my family and friends about my good fortune.  My winnings will go into the stash I'm saving for my computer upgrade.  hanks very much to TroppoLotto."

Donna S.
"My husband and I play TroppoLotto nearly every night, this way everyday when we check our E-mails, there is always that anticipation that maybe one of us has won. What a surprise when I actually did.  I have just been picking numbers at random, and thought if anybody won anything, it would be him.  Maybe next time."

Robert C.
"I was elated when I saw that I won $100 from just entering TroppoLotto.  Thanks for I can use the extra money!"
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